StreamCoin — a complete review. The world of social media is a dynamic


StreamCoin — a complete review. The world of social media is a dynamic

The world of social media is a dynamic one where content rules, and that content consists primarily of multimedia elements. The demand for video con

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The world of social media is a dynamic one where content rules, and that content consists primarily of multimedia elements. The demand for video content has continued to increase over the years, and the covid pandemic has increased the rate at which people demand video content. That’s why video streaming services are looking to expand their servers to accommodate the growing demand for streamers.

For people who think that the streaming industry will not be just a trend, there is a blockchain project that shares this belief called StreamCoin. In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about this streaming-focused blockchain platform.

StreamCoin is an ecosystem created to take live video streaming content to a new level by making it easier for people who love videos to earn more and interact with each other without worrying about slow transactions and third-party fees. Basically, users of the StreamCoin ecosystem will enjoy the ability to send the tokens on the blockchain to facilitate different types of transactions.

One of the basic features of blockchain technology is decentralisation, which makes it possible for peer-to-peer transactions to take place without interference from intermediaries. That feature is what StreamCoin is leveraging to allow for seamless interactions between video content creators and viewers.

As with most blockchain-based systems, for this video streaming platform to function effectively and efficiently, it needs its token, STRM. This token uses the BEP-20 standard and functions on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). When the second version of Stream Chain (StreamCoin’s mainnet) gets released, STRM will be migrated from Binance Smart Chain. When that deployment happens, users of STRM can use it for different purposes, including yield farming, node staking, subscriptions, etc.

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Currently, Stream Chain is on mainnet 1.0, and it comes with some fantastic benefits. For instance, there is a proprietary NFT marketplace to facilitate the sale and minting of video NFTs. In addition, the mainnet 1.0 Stream Chain also has a proprietary NFT standard called the NFT Standard Token Agreement_602 (NSTA_602), which makes owner history available and provides users with the ability to mint video NFTs. Furthermore, users will also enjoy low transaction fees.

As a blockchain network, Stream Chain is the core of the StreamCoin ecosystem. The first version of it is already running to facilitate the NSTA_602 protocol with a transaction speed that reaches 300,000 TPS. However, the second version is in progress and will be announced later with many new features according to the StreamCoin whitepaper.

The StreamCoin ecosystem also has a utility token called GaStream (GSTRM). This token will facilitate the payment of gas fees when using Stream Chain services. In addition to that, it will be used to reward participants. At the moment, GSTMR is listed on the DODO and PancakeSwap exchanges. However, the team is doing everything to get the token listed on other exchanges soon.

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A little peek into the technical structure of the GaStream token reveals that it was created using the BEP-20 standard, so it is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. The GSTRM token has different purposes geared towards making the platform’s ecosystem active and stable. In addition to being used for gas fees, GSTRM will be a form of reward for the users when they form nodes on the mainnet 2.0. Hence, GSTRM will be used to pay different fees while using the platform. Some compatible wallets that can users use to store and transfer the GaStream tokens include:

  • Metamask
  • MEW
  • Aladdin Pro
  • imToken
  • Trust Wallet


The StreamCoin ecosystem was created to bring profitability to video content creators, posting, viewing, and streaming. For everyone involved in the active functionality of the platform, here are some benefits of the token:

The use of the GaStream token will make the fees cheaper. All that will be possible when mainnet 2.0 is ready.

Compared to other platforms, Stream Chain will provide users with a cheaper way to mint NFTs by making the minting fees affordable for them.

Rewards are the perfect way to get the loyalty of the platform’s users, and StreamCoin will provide incentives to everyone that uses its ecosystem. The incentives will be possible through rewards from watching adverts on the MeiTalk platform, investing in yield farming, participating in surveys, etc.

The GaStream token is used to sustain the functionality of the ecosystem. As people get rewarded, and the tokens are used to pay for gas, the ecosystem will continue to enjoy robust growth.

All public sale investors of the platform will get a free airdrop of GaStream. Investors that paid $50 or more for the STRM token at the public sale will get 5 GSTRM for every STRM token they bought.

It may interest you that users can search and watch live streams available on the MeiTalk TV platform. In fact, MeiTalk users can stream to multiple streaming platforms as the StreamCoin team is targeting more than 80 streaming platforms. Video content creators and streamers are in for good times when they hop on the StreamCoin platform, as they will be rewarded for their participation in the ecosystem.

On March 25, 2022, the first Alpha release of MeiTalk TV was presented by StreamCoin’s CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh at the World Live Streamers Conference in Dubai, UAE. This conference was one of its kind as it gathered content creators and crypto enthusiasts along with industry experts from around the world.

During this conference, the StreamCoin team had the opportunity to talk face to face with its fans, investors, and other visitors who showed a lot of interest in the project.

The world of NFTs is evolving fast. More people have begun to join the NFT community because it has proven to be a lucrative one where people can profit from creating content like art, pictures, videos, music, etc.

The MeiTalk TV platform users can turn their videos into NFTs and put them on the Stream NFT platform, an NFT marketplace where video content creators can earn from putting their videos up as NFTs. The Stream NFT platform is easy to use, so there are no complications in listing videos as NFTs and transacting.

The StreamCoin team is developing a service called StreamCoin Bridge to allow investors to swap STRM between different blockchain networks. The team announced that this service will be available starting from May and will support four blockchains. These blockchains are Ethereum, Polygon, Fantrom, and Avalanche, with more to be added in the future.

As StreamCoin’s public sale will conclude on April 30, the team is planning to list STRM on over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges starting from the first week of May. Along with StreamCoin Bridge, this listing will make the token available for millions of users around the map with high liquidity and multiple options that suit everyone.

The public sale is still running, so you can make more returns by buying STRM worth $50 or more to receive the GaStream airdrop before April 30.

What’s more, StreamCoin is participating in the ByVotes voting tournament, where you can vote for STRM and get a free airdrop if the project wins. The vote will end on April 28, 2022, at 3:59 AM GST; visit the ByVotes page to learn more.

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