15 years and counting – Global Leadership Foundation


15 years and counting – Global Leadership Foundation

A week ago we felt very fortunate to be able to gather again with a group of our Fellows, Friends and colleagues for our annual Global Leadership F

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A week ago we felt very fortunate to be able to gather again with a group of our Fellows, Friends and colleagues for our annual Global Leadership Fellowship Event. It was the 15th time in a row we have held this event, including somehow navigating the various waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course it is always a pity that all of our global family aren’t able to join us at this event – something made all the harder this year due to the complexities of the pandemic. However our hearts were with you all!

Below I’ve summarised our annual report for 2021. Despite being unable to travel, we have continued our work around the world this year, including recently holding an amazing online certification for our Global Leadership Profile for colleagues in North America, Italy and Australia. The Profile is now available in six languages: Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, Italian and English.

In the year ahead, we look forward to, all being well, doing some travel again. We have been invited to speak at the International Enneagram Association Nordic Conference in Stockholm in May, and we will finally revisit our Ikara–Ediacara: Past, Present And Future Leadership Experience in autumn. Early in the year we will launch a new app, an initiative of Global Fellows Bente Boe and Susie Gregory, which will provide a self-paced program on Mastering Emotional Health. More news on that to come!

After another challenging year, we wish everyone a happy and healthy festive season and a wonderful 2022.

Gayle and Malcolm

Annual Report 2021

Global Leadership Foundation is committed to developing, strengthening and transforming leadership capability in communities and community groups. Along with our Fellows and Friends, we partner with and assist a range of individuals and organisations, especially in the not-for-profit sector, to design and implement leadership and organisational development programs that support good governance, leadership and sustainability.

We believe strongly in sharing our resources and knowledge – as volunteers, facilitators, mentors and more – with a diverse range of important projects and causes that have limited access to funding.

In 2021, our work has continued to focus on working with leaders and organisations in the following areas:

  • emotional health and resilience
  • strategic direction and governance
  • Indigenous participation and determination
  • social inclusion, and
  • environmental sustainability.

This support is carried out through four different mechanisms: foundation grants, pre-tax donations, in-kind or pro-bono support and low-bono support for more established not-for-profits and community groups.

Our philanthropic fund is held with Australia’s oldest community foundation, the Australian Communities Foundation and each year our profits are directed into our Global Leadership Fund.

Thank you to all our Fellows, Friends, clients, collaborators, suppliers and people in the community who have inspired us and worked with us to create a more emotionally healthy world.

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